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Sustainable Development in the Philippines by Ayala Land

Ayala Land Sustainability Overview

Ayala Land’s commitment to sustainability is best expressed through its products and the way each site has been carefully assessed and selected, masterplanned and designed, developed and constructed, and ultimately managed and maintained to enable Filipinos to succeed through generations. Our analysis of the Philippine and global situation, appreciation of scientific information, as well as our insights on customer concerns, led us to identify attributes that will contribute to the long-term sustainability of our developments. These attributes are embodied in our four focus areas site resilience, pedestrian and transit connectivity, eco-efficiency and local economic development. We use these to guide the design process of each for our projects.

Real Estate for Future Generations

Our architects, engineers, and site developers skillfully combine these four focus areas in every masterplanned community, multifamily residences, mixed-use development, and shopping center. Through our efforts to reconcile nature with progress, we show our dedication to the conservation of the environment and sustainable development in the Philippines.

Our efforts to promote sustainable real estate development benefit the current generation of Filipinos as much as they will benefit future generations. Through our four focus areas, you’ll have access to comfortable, eco-friendly communities filled with the necessities of modern society and the comfort of nature.

Ayala Land Carbon Neutrality 2022

By focusing on these four areas, we look forward to communities that not only create long-term value for our customers, investors and various stakeholders, we also contribute environmental, social and economic benefits for the larger public.

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As a way of contributing significantly and positively to society, we have made sustainability the blueprint by which every Ayala Land development is designed — to continuously enhance land and enrich the lives of more people.

Sustainable Initiatives

Ayala Land’s sustainable development programs in the Philippines have yielded tangible positive effects for the country’s resource conservation efforts.

Our masterplanned communities use native trees in their green spaces to preserve the majestic biodiversity of our nation. By deliberately using these plant species to provide our communities and residents with soothing greenery, we improve the resilience of the local ecosystem.

Ayala Land has planted a total of 68,901 trees from 67 different native tree species in 12 of our project developments. These vital tree species are spread out over a total of 301 hectares of public green spaces in our existing and developing estates.

We are also taking the initiative to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2022. In line with this goal, we have taken steps to avoid emissions from electrical and fuel consumption. Our architects and engineers make sure to incorporate sources of natural light and ventilation in our designs. We have shifted 32 of our commercial properties, namely malls and office buildings, from conventional energy sources to clean energy.

In situations and sites where we cannot avoid using electrical energy or fuel consumption, we aim to decrease the amount we consume using energy-efficient machinery and equipment.

These combined efforts of avoiding and reducing carbon consumption, and shifting away from its sources, have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 62 percent in 2018.

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Site Resilience

We recognize the importance of minimizing developmental impact to the environment, and the particular vulnerability of the Philippine environment to natural calamities.

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Pedestrian and Transit Connectivity

Our estates are designed to be pedestrian-friendly and accessible to public transport. We create an efficient “live-work-play” community that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

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We respect that water, energy, and raw construction materials are finite resources to be used judiciously. We employ the creative use of passive design and technology to minimize energy, water, and waste footprint.

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Local Economic Development

Our strategic presence through our various developments across the Philippines helps us to create new opportunities for employment and productivity.

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