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Ayala Land: Upholding Sustainable Development in the Philippines

As the leader of pioneering the concept of sustainable development in the Philippines, Ayala Land continues to integrate eco-efficient practices into all of its developments, from responsible land acquisition and green building design to sustainable construction practices and management.

Sustainability Governance

Ayala Land’s Commitment to Sustainability

Integration of sustainable practices in development, operations, and management

For decades, Ayala Land has been dedicated to preserving the environment and forwarding sustainable development in the Philippines. As we manage our businesses, our growth and expansion are supported by our constantly evolving policies and practices that respond to economic, environmental, and social issues that are of interest to our stakeholders — aligned with and supportive of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to monitor concerns such as climate change, resource efficiency, local economic development, and corporate governance to guide and improve our sustainable development programs in the Philippines.

Our sustainability practices have then transformed from primarily addressing risks and efficiency issues to tackling areas that provide more value and opportunities to the business, the society, and the environment. As we continue to redefine our concept of sustainable development in the Philippines, we also look for more ways to differentiate the brand, innovate property development in the Philippines, and promote a sustainable society.

As such, we have created a committee dedicated to projects and initiatives aimed to improve our methods in uplifting the environment and sustainable development in the country. Our governance structure oversees the prudent management of our resources, our environmental footprint, our engagement with various stakeholders, and our overall efforts in bringing a positive impact on society.

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On the Right Path to Carbon Neutrality

Sustainable development in the Philippines is at the heart of Ayala Land’s business operations and management. In 2017, we announced an ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2022 for our commercial properties. As of 2019, we are on the right track as we have already reduced our net emissions by 72%, equivalent to 202,296 t-CO2e.

We were able to cut back on carbon emissions through increased reliance on clean energy sources for our buildings, offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions with carbon forests, and projects that revolve around the protection and restoration of forests. With our two-pronged approach of using clean energy and enhancing forest carbon stock, we're well on our way to achieving our goal of net-zero carbon emission.

Upholding the Sustainable Development Goals

As the first developer in the country to aim for carbon neutrality, we are setting revolutionary benchmarks that we hope will become a standard for sustainable development programs in the Philippines. Ayala Land's vision of enhancing land and enriching lives remains relevant today, further empowered by our master plan to provide a meaningful impact to Filipinos through sustainability.

Our Sustainability Blueprint is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to make cities and communities safe, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient. As a property developer, Ayala Land continues to refine the goals and metrics of our four focus areas for championing sustainability: Site Resilience, Resource Efficiency, Pedestrian Mobility and Transit Connectivity, and Local Economic Development.


Providing Value to Business, Environment, and Society

Site Resilience

Extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, and other climate change hazards can undermine our real estate products and the communities they serve. To build solid climate resilience, we strengthen our sites so they quickly recover from environmental stress. We screen for geohazards with technical due diligence, provide space for refuge and rainwater absorption, and plant native trees to improve biodiversity and ecosystems.

Resource Efficiency

We use plenty of resources in property development such as energy, water, and materials like steel and cement. To ensure we don't contribute to the continuing loss of the country's natural resources, we use them in a judicious and efficient manner to reduce both our materials consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We also carry out sustainable development programs such as energy and water conservation alongside waste diversion schemes.

Pedestrian Mobility and Transit Connectivity

Mobility and connectivity are central to our masterplanned communities to ensure that people are provided with safe alternatives to motor vehicles. By creating pedestrian-only areas, highly accessible walkways, transit stops and terminals, we provide abundant opportunities for walking and commuting. These not only expand business development and work opportunities, we also help contribute to a healthier environment by reducing oil consumption and improving air quality.

Local Economic Development

As Ayala Land continues to build large-scale, masterplanned, and mixed-use estates across the Philippines, we generate progress and growth for both businesses and employees at each step of the development cycle. We contribute to nation building and create value for the entire community through various ventures such as prioritizing local hiring, investing in skills training in the areas we develop and operate, and allocating spaces in our malls for homegrown businesses to prosper.


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