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Business Integrity Program

As part of fostering an open environment, Ayala Land, Inc. created the Business Integrity Program to advocate honesty and communication between our Ethics Committee and allied enterprises. The integrity program allows anyone to report instances of corporate fraud, rules violations, and misconduct of any form. Through the program, we can identify and rectify any and all unethical practices and remain a stalwart example of honest corporate governance.

Whistleblowing Policy

Under our Whistleblower Policy, any individual who reports policy violations, theft, and retaliatory behavior will be protected from backlash regarding the information they share. We still provide anonymity and security by opening various channels of communications that people can use to make their reports.

  • Reach out to our Pro-Active Hotline Website
  • Face to face meetings
    The whistleblower meets with a member of our Ethics Committee or a designated member of our subsidiaries. However, it is the responsibility of the Operator of face-to-face meetings to refer and fully disclose Whistleblowing Report to ALI IAD. The Operator of a face-to-face meeting shall ask the Whistleblower if he is willing to sign the transcript of discussions between them.
  • Use alternative communication channels listed
    Mobile Number: (0917) 311-8510 E-mail:

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