Investing Soon? Here Are 4 Things You’ll Love About Ayala Land Premier Properties

What makes Ayala Land Premier’s developments a smart investment?

Keeping up with the incessant demands of the rat race is an exhausting, often tedious pursuit. Once you start, the wheel almost never stops spinning. By now, you understand enough to know that investing is crucial in attaining long-term, financial success. Whether it’s mutual funds, stocks, and other investment securities, the act of acquiring an asset or item with the goal of generating income or appreciation is always one of the many ways you can make your money work for you.

If you haven’t considered real estate investments before, now may be a great time to dive headfirst into the market. Diversifying your portfolio with a tangible asset like real estate is a wise strategy, as you should never put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes. And with a blue-chip developer like Ayala Land and its upscale luxury residential development, Ayala Land Premier (ALP), the initial, hefty buy-in is a relatively tolerable price to pay in return for reliable growth and exceptional quality of life.

To future-proof your investments, you’ll have to make smart choices. And to make smart choices, you’ll need to know what makes Ayala Land Premier’s developments worth investing in. Read on to find out:

They offer accessibility through business districts

Prime locations in the heart of the city offer so much in terms of accessibility, and with time and energy as your most important everyday resources, investing in a place within the Metro can help alleviate the challenges in managing the two. Proximity to business districts such as Makati and Bonifacio Global City may aid in envisioning and striving towards achieving that ideal work-life balance.

Consider Makati’s urban playground and check out Ayala Land Premier’s Garden Towers and Park Central Towers, or Taguig as a thriving destination for discovery, achievement, learning, and lifestyle, at The Suites at One Bonifacio High Street, East Gallery Place, and West Gallery Place.

They offer vast retail, dining, and entertainment options

Enjoy green and open expanses without sacrificing convenience and the modern aesthetic with Ayala Land’s very own eco-city, Nuvali, and the growing business and lifestyle district, Arca South. Stay connected to the beauty of the outdoors, the bustle of prosperous business hubs, and countless dining and leisure options. Living in Nuvali supplies you with a nature-rich lifestyle and an easily accessible cultural center like Ayala Malls Solenad, or thrive in the middle of action living in the 74-hectare development at the borders of Taguig and Parañaque with Arca South.

They are the center of a vibrant community

There is truth in saying that a property is only as good as the communities surrounding it. Not only are you investing in real estate, but also in the cultural environment that shapes and defines its location. Looking to grow and flourish with the right people should also be on your list of things to consider.

Search for distinctive locations known for their outstanding opportunities, integrated lifestyles, and diverse communities, like the ones in Ayala Land where inspiring and highly motivated individuals tend to gather. Ayala Land Premier has estates in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, where you can find culture, luxury, and a positive and holistic way of life with like-minded people.

The rising Parklinks estate, which is envisioned to be Metro Manila’s greenest urban estate, will have multiple residential developments, including Ayala Land Premier’s Parklinks North Tower and South Tower that will support contemporary and sustainable living.

They have great potential for value appreciation

Make intelligent investment decisions by choosing remarkable properties such as those from Ayala Land Premier that evoke the true essence of high-quality living.

Investing in real estate at prime locations and with consistent property management promises not only good quality of life but also great financial returns. Constantly evolving and adapting, these first-class residential properties have proven their significant value appreciation over the years. Developments in BGC have appreciated by an average of 45% in the last eight years since West Gallery Place’s launch, while those in Arca South grew by 48% in value in just nine years since the launch of Arbor Lanes in 2014. Meanwhile, the highly-coveted addresses in Makati have appreciated by 52% over the last 11 years, from the launch of Garden Towers in 2012 to the latest unit sold.

Ayala Land celebrates its 34th anniversary, showing its expertise in the business as they continue to forge ahead by creating sustainable developments of properties that consistently increase in value and helping Filipinos become closer to their dream lives.

This article was featured on Esquire Philippines.