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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is vested with the principal responsibility of promoting sound corporate governance. It sets the company’s vision and mission, strategic objectives, and key management policies and procedures. It also establishes and approves the mechanisms by which senior management is evaluated.

The board is composed of nine members, more than half of whom are independent and non-executive directors. Directors have a one-year term of office, which ends when their successors are elected and qualified.

Independent directors may serve for a period of not more than nine (9) years.

JAZA 2022

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala

Chairman of the Board View Profile
CPC2 e1704857516933

Cezar P. Consing

Vice-Chairman View Profile
Meean Dy

Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy

President and CEO View Profile
DMM e1704856772804

Daniel Gabriel M. Montecillo

Non-executive/Lead Independent View Profile
RAM 2022

Rex Ma. A. Mendoza

Non-executive/Independent View Profile
SMenon photo 2020 e1704328523436

Surendra M. Menon

Non-executive/Independent View Profile
Cesar Purisima

Cesar V. Purisima

Non-executive/Independent View Profile
AGC 2022

Arturo G. Corpuz

Non-executive View Profile

Mariana Beatriz Zobel de Ayala

Executive Director View Profile