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May 08, 2015

Track the Glow with Rail Lighting

The New Year is a good time for home renovations, and maybe you want to redesign the way your home is lighted. You may have a good number of lamps and overhead lights; but you need the subtle, soft lighting for places like your den and your living room.

If you don’t want the harsh, direct glow of overhead lighting and lamps, you may want to try to use rail or track lighting.

Rail lighting is a room lighting system where the lamps are positioned on the corner between the wall and the ceiling, as opposed to being installed directly on the ceiling. Unlike overhead lamps, rail lighting has a softer glow, and does not cast the harsh shadows found in conventional lighting systems. Rail lighting is a bit more expensive, but many rail lighting bulbs and systems are much more energy efficient than overhead lighting.

When it comes to rail lighting, you have two options:

  • Static lighting. Static lighting works a lot like a conventional overhead lamp, but is installed on the corner of a room. Static lighting uses the light paint colors on the wall and the ceiling to reflect and diffuse light.
  • Moveable lighting, also called track lighting, uses lights that move along a length of rails or tracks installed between the ceiling and the wall. Moveable lighting is much more expensive than many conventional lighting systems, but it is much more efficient at focusing the light where you really need it.

Rail lighting kits are available from almost every hardware and home supply store. Installing rail lighting systems do not need a major home overhaul; you can install the tracks and lamps to complement your existing room lighting fixtures. While they are on the expensive side, you do save the lighting power for when you really need it.

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