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There’s something for everyone in Nuvali

September 24, 2019 | Makati City – In 2008, Nuvali started out as a bare 1,800 -hectare estate. Since then it has developed into an ever-growing sustainable eco-community within a 2,290-hectare enclave, complete with various recreational activities that cater to different fields of interest and different age groups.

For the Adrenaline Junkies
Republ1c Wakepark is Nuvali’s world-class wakeboarding destination where adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts can ahead out to for quick and convenient weekend fun. It is a cable park which means wakeboarding in Nuvali involves cables and not boats. Just hold on to the handle, hit the water, and the cable pulls you through the water.
Having two wakeboard lakes, it caters to both newbies and experienced wakeboarders. For the newbies, there are professionals and teachers available at the wakepark to give lessons and have you up on the boards in no time. Obstacles and ramps are available for experienced and advanced riders to make things more challenging and exciting.

For those in touch with nature
The Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary, a 17-km long buffer green and forest zone throughout Nuvali, is accessible for anyone that wants to get in touch with nature. This area of the estate will be conserved, as no establishment will be built upon it in order to preserve the greenery and allow wildlife to thrive and develop. The sanctuary is also conducive to an eco-friendly lifestyle and at the same time gives people an opportunity to appreciate nature. Within the sanctuary, there are observation decks, which all are suitable for bird watching.

In addition to this, there are also lakeside activities available in Nuvali, among them is the fish feeding.

For the those looking to live an active lifestyle
Nuvali is known for fostering a union of ecological, social, and economic sustainability in the aspects of living. It is unique for being an estate in which an eco-friendly and active lifestyle is attainable. The estate offers Lakeside activities around a 4-hectare multi-functional lake feature where biking and jogging lanes can be found. The lake itself also serves as a catchment for stormwater run-off, a water reservoir and rainwater catchment basin, and a fire reserve.
Also known for having lush greenery and surroudings, Nuvali is an ideal place to pursue your passion and drive for fitness with mountain biking is one activity readily available to the public. The bike trails are beginner friendly because they are mainly flat. However, there are also some trails that have some climbs, but do not require a high level of endurance nor stamina. For the more seasoned riders, there are more challenging trails that occasionally twist and are single tracks with the a few short slopes, bumps, and roots.

For those in need of rest & relaxation
Across the different recreational activities and venues in Nuvali there are locations where people can sit, relax, or have picnics. You can pick a spot around the lakeside and spread a picnic blanket on the grounds and sit and enjoy the view by yourself or with friends, without having to spend a thing. Within the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, there are mini man-made lagoons where you can take a rest and have the opportunity to observe some birds while you’re at it.

For a one of a kind outdoor adventure
Within the heart of Nuvali lies “Camp N,” an outdoor adventure and team-building hub that encourages self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one’s physical limits, mental abilities, and even character and values. It is a convenient location for bonding among co-workers, families, and friends, as well as an adventure zone that encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and overcome their fears.

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