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May 08, 2015

Simple Ways to Make a Room Appear Bigger

If your home is space restricted, all it takes is the right color paint, furniture and a lot of arrangement tips to achieve a room that seem to be bigger than the actual.

1. Color paint is your make or break. Choosing a lighter shade of color is the best approach. Work on white, yellow and pastel colors- these palates reflects more light in your room making it appear bigger.

2. It is also critical when adding your furniture in the limited space you have. It would be lovely to have a big sofa in your main room for luxury reason, but this also creates a jammed appeal. The right approach is to scale down in adding that furniture.

3. Glass and mirrors is your friend when it comes to small rooms. Glass tables allow you to see more of the flooring and not block your view as what wood does.

4. Furniture placement would probably be the area you need to devote more time in. Whilst pushing everything against the wall might work, this also makes the room unimaginative. Instead, why not place the furniture in proper angle in the corners while placing a single sofa against the wall.

5. Go after window treatments that allow you to see the outside view. An effect of trying to borrow space from the outside – not to mention greenery if your garden is immediately next to your window.

6. A limited space would entail you to use the vertical space of the room. By placing a bookshelf that extends all the way up to the ceiling creates a bigger dimension – and extra storage. This also goes for your painting and picture; they should be placed a few inches higher than usual. A decorative approach that in a way deceives the human eye.

7. When shopping, opt for the multi-functional pieces. Use a dining table as your desk or your coffee table as your center table. Space is an issue, thus, be wise on how to use it.

8. Shy away from large prints when it comes to your fabrics, upholstery and wallpapers. Large scale patterns tend to shrink the size of any room by visually eating space. This however generally does not apply to stripes. If you choose to have vertical stripes, this makes the room appear larger whilst horizontal stripes lifts the height of your ceiling (visually).

9. Lastly, but the most important tip, is remove all clutter from your room. The reason why shelves and drawers were made is to keep unwanted items on the floor.


You may now enjoy your new-found space.

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