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Make the most out of your money when buying a home.

Earn a Higher Interest Rate than a Regular Savings Account

Get an exclusive discount when you purchase an Ayala Land Property

Start for as low as

PhP 50,000


What is Homestarter Bond?

The Homestarter Bond is a 3-year investment from Ayala Land where you earn 3% interest every year. You can invest as little as P50,000 and you can add more every month (in increments of P10,000). The maximum investment is P10,000,000*.

When you use the Homestarter Bond as downpayment for an Ayala Land residential property you get an additional discount on the net selling price through a Bonus Credit.

*subject to terms and conditions

Rates and Deposit Requirements

Minimum Deposit PhP 50,000 Can be increased in increments of Php 10,000.00 up to a maximum of 10 million
(subject to terms and conditions)
Interest Rate 3% Per Annum Payable semi-annually
*Bonus Credit 10% of the principal amount invested But not more than Maximum Bonus Credit based on NSP of the residential property
Ayala Land Premier 1%
Alveo 2%
Avida 4%
Amaia 4%
BellaVita 2%

*Bonus Credit

Bonus Credit cannot be used in conjunction with other Ayala Group employee discounts.

What happens when the bond matures?

At maturity, bondholder has 2 options

You have up to 60 days from the maturity date to

use the bond as downpayment on an Ayala Land Residential property.

Or, you can

have the principal and interest credited to a designated bank account.

Try the Homestarter Bond Calculator

Find out how much you can earn and how much more you can save with your investment on an Ayala Land residential property when you invest in the Homestarter Bond

How do I get a discount on an Ayala Land Residence?

  1. Invest in Ayala Land Homestarter Bond.
  2. Before the Bond matures on October 2019, choose the option to apply the Maturity Date Payment Amount as full or partial downpayment for a new subdivision lot, house and lot, or condominium unit listed as acceptable property by Ayala Land to qualify for a Bonus Credit.
  3. The Maximum Bonus Credit you are entitled to is equivalent to ten percent (10% of up to PhP 10,000,000.00) of the amount you invested or the maximum bonus credit equivalent to a percentage of the Net Selling Price of the Ayala Land residential property you are buying, whichever is lower.
  4. You should be able to pay for the property in full or be approved by in-house or bank financing on terms acceptable to Ayala Land, based on the independent credit evaluation by Ayala Land or the third party providing the financing.
  5. If your investment is higher than the downpayment, the excess will be applied towards the payment of the remaining balance of the property you are buying.

Important Information

The Ayala Land Homestarter Bond is offered exclusively in the Philippines and pursuant to requirements under Philippine laws, rules and regulations that may be different from those of other countries and jurisdictions. Ayala Land did not or will not take any action to permit an offering of the Ayala Land Homestarter Bond in any jurisdiction other than the Philippines, where action for that purpose is required. Accordingly, the Ayala Land Homestarter Bond may not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, nor may any offering material relating to the same be distributed or published in or from any country or jurisdiction, except under circumstances that will result in compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations of any such country or jurisdiction.

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