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Sep 30, 2020

Reaping the fruits of a worthwhile investment

A good investment reveals its full benefits in the long run. For real estate, this means value appreciation over time and the ability to give its investors the flexibility and stability they need later on in life.

For Abby Go-Ogilvie, searching for such an investment started in 2009. A colleague of hers had mentioned Nuvali– then an up and coming development by Ayala Land Inc. in the south. With a bit of encouragement from her parents, Abby went on to purchase a property in Treveia, a residential pocket in the estate developed by Ayala Land’s upscale residential brand, Alveo Land.

Fast forward to today, Abby has since become a resident of Nuvali and is now enjoying the fruits of her decade-old investment.

“We saw how Ayala’s promise of building a community slowly came to life, from the commercial developments to the schools, and even the church nearby; not to mention the security measures that have been improved over the years,” Abby said.

Nuvali is Ayala Land’s largest mixed-use project in the country at 2,290 hectares. The estate is touted as the company’s first ever eco-city, designed to create a suburban life for residents while providing spaces for business and information technology processing companies.

Treveia, which was Alveo Land’s first project in the estate, seeks to provide residents with the comforts of modern living against a green and natural backdrop.

Abby had no intentions of living in Treveia when she first bought the property. But now married and with a child, her small family decided how nice it would be to plant their roots there.

“We moved in 2016 and have seen Nuvali grow even more from then. I feel like living inside the ‘Nuvali bubble’ as we do not have to go out for our needs and wants,” she shared.

“When I mention to people that we live in Nuvali, I mostly get positive reactions. For each time, I cannot help but feel gratitude – to my parents for their encouragement and support, to my spouse for giving me the courage to go for it, to my job for providing me with the means, and to God for giving me a good life.”

During the pandemic, Abby was able to give back to her parents– who were the ones who encouraged her to invest in Nuvali in the first place. Her parents’ small bakery supplies business was among those that had to close down during the enhanced community quarantine, prompting them to rely on deliveries to continue serving customers.

To help, Abby created a Viber community for home bakers in her village, where she then started coordinating deliveries of baking supplies. That small Viber community grew within a few weeks, and now includes members from most of the villages in Nuvali Central.

“For them to regard my small community as a platform for awareness is a feat in itself. I do not know how big of an impact it is, but I am happy to know that I am able to help my community in my own little way,” Abby said.

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