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Nov 21, 2019

Quality Mixed-Use Developments in the Philippines


What is mixed-used development?

With the today’s fast-paced lifestyle, wherein comfort and convenience should come with functionality and aesthetic charm, mixed-use properties offer a solution. Traditionally, people have long been benefiting from living in shared spaces. In tightly knit communities, we’ll see mom-and-pop shops on the first floor of a residential area, a room for rent next door, and a common area somewhere, like a garden or a patio.

Property developers are more than aware of mixed-use real estate and its advantages. From environmental sustainability to the integration of work and play, the seamless transition between residential, commercial, and office-space use allows individuals to grow and improve their quality of life. The availability of lush, green spaces in a city – right next to a multi-housing complex and retail establishments – can transform a mixed-use property into a haven built for the future.

This is one of the many things that a “mixed-use development” can be, because it owns the capacity to provide more than a single purpose within the confines of a shared space, such as a building or a plot of land. As a development project, this means that it can be within a single neighborhood that serves a community through different uses: residential housing, office spaces, shops and boutiques, medical practice facilities, recreational areas, or commercial and industrial use.

Pioneering the growth of mixed-use real estate with Ayala Land

Ayala Land masterfully combines luxurious residential spaces with convenient commercial establishments in all of our mixed-use developments in the Philippines.

Our goal is to create communities that bring neighbors together, offices that inspire their occupants, and homes that make families stronger. All these and more are possible in any of Ayala Land’s established or forthcoming mixed-use development projects throughout the country.

Ayala Land nurtures nature, too. Through our efforts in pioneering sustainable mixed-use real estate, we contribute to an enhanced quality of life for current and future generations.

Arca South

Ayala Land highlights the potential of Southern Metro Manila as a residential and commercial powerhouse with Arca South, the epitome of a synchronized and mixed-use development.

Seamless Transportation

Arca South is designed to maximize the variety of transport options open to its future residents. The 74-hectare development connects residential blocks, expansive green spaces, and business areas with wide streets for vehicular traffic, as well as abundant walkways and paths for pedestrians. As a mixed-use estate developer, we understand the importance of accessibility to transportation and major thoroughfares.

This specially designed mixed commercial and residential property connects with the South Luzon Expressway and the Skyway, providing seamless access with major highways. As such, traveling to and out of the city will be manageable — perhaps even enjoyable.

Do you have an important business meeting in Makati’s Central Business District? It’s only seven kilometers away. Have you arranged a night out with friends in Alabang? The thriving district is only 15 kilometers away from Arca South, via the SLEX.

Arca South will also be accessible through public transportation. The community can be reached via bus or shuttle services for a truly interconnected transport system.

Vibrant Green Spaces

The abundance of pedestrian walkways and paths gives Arca South’s residents ease of access to the mixed-use development’s multiple green spaces. The seamless transition from urbanized living to charming countryside with open areas and greenery provides you with places to take in the soothing presence of nature.

Want to unwind after a long day? Take a stroll down under the shaded length of our urban promenade. Feeling energetic? Do a few laps in our fitness park’s jogging paths or speed down our dedicated bike lanes.

Live life flawlessly in Arca South, a city of mixed-use properties in synchronized harmony.


For individuals who are always on the move or families that seek to ingrain the discipline of athleticism into their children, Ayala Land presents Vermosa. Launched in 2015, Vermosa is a lush mix-used development with a total of 700 hectares for residential and commercial purposes located in thriving Cavite City.

Fitness and Athleticism

Athleticism and physical fitness offer just as many social benefits as they do physical ones. As a mixed-use developer, we built the state-of-the-art Vermosa Sports Hub to help keep your athletic abilities keen. It is also a venue for family bonding moments, where you can awaken a passion for sports in your children.

The Vermosa Sports Hub is the first sports facility in the Philippines to integrate a standard 400-meter track oval with an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The complex also has a complete and fully equipped indoor training facility as well as a sports laboratory.

We have ensured that the track oval and swimming pool meet the standards of organizations recognized and trusted by prestigious international organizations, like the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Abundant Residential Options

Vermosa is Ayala Land’s fourth largest estate, and residents have a wide range of living options. Trusted Ayala Land brands such as Alveo, Ayala Land Premier, and Avida are developing suburban residential neighborhoods to provide comfortable accommodations.

Ayala Land Premier’s The Courtyards has 238 exquisite residential lots, with one-of-a-kind classifications. Alveo, on the other hand, unveils Ardia Vermosa, a multifaceted residential development that currently has 603 prime lots.

Vermosa is built to provide you and your family with an environment that helps you meet health and wellness goals. Stay robust, active, and fit at Vermosa.

Vertis North

Ayala Land presents Vertis North, our envisioned new business hub in northern Metro Manila.

New Growth, New Hub

As one of the Philippine’s largest mixed-use developers, we envision Vertis North to be a new powerhouse district in Quezon City, revitalizing the area with refreshing energy and commercial revenue.

Ayala Land’s construction projects and site developments are guaranteed to transform Vertis North into a major business hub and lifestyle community soon.

Ideal Location

With its proximity to EDSA, key shopping centers, and major thoroughfares, Vertis North is ideally situated to bring new growth and to become a new hub for the metropolis.

Vertis North will soon be home to its own Ayala Mall to cater to recreational activities, bustling corporate centers to bring a fresh influx of employment, and residential developments from Alveo Land and Avida Land.

Ayala Land’s efforts at sustainable development also includes making Vertis North home to abundant native tree species to bring in the soothing influence of nature amid modern urban development.

Be Part of a Thriving Community

Ayala Land’s communities provide you with convenient access to the best shops, are designed to promote sustainability, and exceptionally planned to encourage connections between people.

For inquiries in any one of our thriving, mixed-used communities, contact us today

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