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May 08, 2015

Places to hit this Summer

Summer is the best time for new experiences because of the positive energy the very season itself espouses. It is the best time to get active, and at the same time, relax, because summer is all about shaking out of your usual routine and spicing thins up with things that will leave you refreshed.

Whether it’s a trip to the beach, taking up a sport, or touring new places, summer will always be a season of learning and discovery. To start you off, here’s a list of activities you might want to check out for this summer’s project.

1.) Wakeboarding at Camarines Sur- I’ve heard so many people raving about the beaches and waves in this southern Luzon province, so I took it upon myself to try it out. I wasn’t disappointed. From the beautiful beach, to the crystal clear waters, and to the remarkable number of foreign eye-candy lingering in the scene, this place rivals some of our most popular beaches, such as Boracay and Puerto Galera. The wakeboarding sport is the selling point of Camarines Sur, as its high waves are perfect for the sport’s requirements. It’s also wicked fun, and that’s the important thing. So if there’s an inner adventurer in you clamoring to come out, give it a dose of wakeboarding, Camarines Sur-style for a thrilling sensation you won’t be able to shake off anytime soon.

2.) Go on a culture trip and hit up some of the Philippines’ best historical and cultural places. Partake in the explosives summer festivals taking place all around the country— from the Pahiyas festival in Quezon to the Manggo Festival in Guimaras and to the various Santacruzans being held in many Luzon provinces. Go check out Corregidor’s famous Malinta tunnel and other important relics of the Japanese invasion. Fly to Cebu and marvel at how Calle Colon, the oldest road in the country (dating back to the Columbus era) has become the central commercial hub of Cebuanos. Or if you don’t want to stray too far, take a trip to Luneta Park (just don’t mind the stragglers, and PDA-ing lovers, you’re there for its cultural heritage). The Philippines has one of the most colorful cultures in the world. Be proud to be Pinoy!

3.) If you can’t beat the heat, escape it! Head up to Baguio or Tagaytay (if you don’t like driving too far) where summer is a nice 23 degrees at its warmest. You may even need a jacket. There are plenty of activities that will keep you preoccupied in these two cool places, so that you don’t regret skipping out on a beach trip. Tagaytay Highlands, has go-karts, mini golf, sports complex, karaoke bars, spas, outdoor and indoor pools, an 18-hole golf course, and plenty of restaurants to keep you busy. Baguio on the other hand, has strawberry farms, parks, horse back riding, Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, and ukay-ukay stores for you to check out. If you like picnics and biking, these two places are also perfect as they’re sunny yet cool, with fresh mountain air to keep you in good spirits.

4.) Hit up the mountains. Go take on Banahaw or Mt. Apo, and attempt to reach the summit. (it may take a few days so be prepared to rough it.) Camping is one of the most underrated summer activities, as it allows you to commune with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Fresh cool mountain air, gorgeous views of the sunrise, the excitement of reaching the top—these should all outweigh the fact that you have to eat food out of a can.


Sadly, this option is not recommended for those who require central plumbing to survive.

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