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Mar 18, 2015

Makati brings back The Festival of Lights this Christmas

If something is to be desired of the old world, it has to be its concept of time and how it was used. The slower pace of the bygone era allowed for mindful living, lengthy meals, healthy walks, deeper conversations and a blissful appreciation for life.

A sense of nostalgia reminds us of moments with the whole family gathered for dinner without any distractions or of friends spending lazy evenings out in the open air. In the fast pace of modern day living, this idyllic concept of the romantic past exists merely in the distant places we visit during those rare vacation trips we manage to make whenever possible. For most people living in the megacity that is Metro Manila, life revolves around monotonous work schedules, tiresome chores and very little in-between.

Alveo Lands’ latest mixed-use neighbourhood community, Portico, bridges the gap between business and pleasure with a unique offering for the contemporary lifestyle. Rising in the midst of a bustling central business district in the heart of the metro, the small-town living environment inspired by the traditions of classic European settings and bold Brownstone New York architecture will marry all the comforts of the status quo with the warmth of the old-world.

Portico will afford its residents their own exclusive oasis in the city making it easier to switch off from work mode when needed. Interlocking open areas and sprawling gardens comprise more than half of the 3.6-hectare property, a touch that is distinct to the rather space-challenged Ortigas neighborhood.

Portico’s signature “Urban Courtyards” will motivate children to play outdoors instead of being in front of a screen and encourage friends and families to get together. The serene lifestyle allows kids and adults alike to take a breath, dream and perhaps just sit down and enjoy a star-filled night. Its residents will be able to move safely around the vicinity with ease and despite its quaint ambiance, all the latest living innovations and stylish amenities ensure that not a single beat of the city will be missed. Needless to say, the business side of life is still well within reach.

Portico’s refreshing retail corridor with Alveo Land’s trademark emphasis on green open spaces will become a popular go-to destination for families and friends to bond, unwind and dine at both popular and artisanal restaurants. Shoppers will also be in for a treat with rare finds, bespoke items and everyday essentials readily available in a setting that encourages its guests to take their time and enjoy the boutique experience. For those who wish to venture out, the vibrant Ortigas neighborhood is itself filled with homegrown gastronomy, unique shopping, galleries, museums, a zoo and loads of entertainment for every member of the family.

The first residential tower to rise on the property will be called The Sandstone at Portico.

Its units are thoughtfully laid out to maximize every square inch of the home. A separate kitchen with ample space allows for preparation of a good home cooked meal for entertaining guests. The dining and living rooms are extended by spacious balconies and pop-outs with scenic views of either the Antipolo mountains or the Makati/BGC skyline. With all these breathtaking features, even indoor life becomes a luxury. As a whole, Portico is designed to bring old-world charms into the city — to mold a balanced lifestyle, bring symmetry to the family, and encourage us to relish life’s moments in the comfort of the place we call home.

To learn more about the Portico Life, grab a copy of Metro Home & Entertaining’s latest Vol11 No. 6 (December/January) issue.

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