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Nov 21, 2019

The Most Trusted Real Estate Developer in the Philippines

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Ayala Land approaches every project with one goal in mind: to enhance land and enrich the lives of Filipinos. Guided with this principle, we have consistently designed, built, and developed communities that not only rise to meet its current residents but also thrive to sustain future generations. Our commitment to this mission has allowed us to be the Philippines most trusted real estate company.

We are humbled by the trust our stakeholders have bestowed on us. It is this confidence in Ayala Land that also propels us to provide you with even more innovative residences, offices, malls, hotels and resorts — neighborhoods that value land and its occupants.

We are further gratified by the recognition that different organizations have given us as a trusted real estate developer in the Philippines.

This year, we are honored to have received the following awards and recognitions:

Best Developer – Euromoney

Financial magazine Euromoney polled global experts and players in the real estate market for their opinions on leading agencies and firms around the world. Euromoney surveyed the views of over 3,000 movers and shakers of the real estate industry – from developers, investment managers, and financial advisers.

According to the results of the survey, Ayala Land is the foremost developer in the Innovative Green Development Sector, Residential, Retail/Shopping, and Office/Business categories. Ayala Land also won the award for the Overall category.

Asiamoney, a division of Euromoney devoted to business developments in Asia, awarded Ayala Land the title of Most Outstanding Company in the Philippines. Over 800 experts, agencies, and shapers of the Asian real estate market participated in the survey. This resulted in over 4,000 votes for companies all over 12 markets in play in Asia, which found that Ayala Land has earned its reputation as a trusted property developer in the Philippines.

About Euromoney

Euromoney is a site that provides engaging articles of financial matters to established institutions, long-term investors, professional advisers, and other parties interested in sharpening the business acumen. Asiamoney is a division of Euromoney that focuses on the intricacies of Asia’s fiscal sphere. Their specialized journalists gather authoritative information on a variety of topics regarding the behavior of regional and international markets.

Best Overall – Sustainable Business Awards

Ayala Land has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2022. Our initiative in tackling the issue of climate change and environmental conservation earned us the Sustainable Business Awards for Overall, Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality, and the Special Recognition Award for Sustainability and Strategy Management.

Our Sustainability Blueprint, followed by our Four Focus Areas, are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, we are passionate about fulfilling the eleventh Sustainable Development Goal, which is the creation and management of environmentally sustainable cities and communities.

Ayala Land is dedicated to implementing carbon-reducing approaches as well as other sustainable methods of construction and development in all of our projects. This dedication to improving the environment of our only home is what earned us a nod from the Sustainable Business Awards.

About the Sustainable Business Awards

The Sustainable Business Awards deliberates the winners for their honors in one to two months, after a thorough process that takes into consideration global initiatives and the input of a specific national advisory panel. This process determines each of the winners of their 12 award categories, which include Energy Management, Workforce, Community, and Climate Change.

Grand Winner of CSR Company of the Year – Asia CEO Awards

Ayala Land had the honor of being part of the Asia CEO Awards’ Circle of Excellence of Awardees for Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year. Each company and agency that shared this honor has shown impressive dedication to investing both time and resources for the betterment of the Filipino People.

The Asia CEO Awards recognized Ayala Land’s contributions and commitment to improving the quality of life in the Philippines through our environmental-centric efforts. One such initiative is the Alaminos carbon forest, a 560-hectare woodland reserve specifically created to become a carbon trap and preserve the integrity of our nation’s ecosystem.

Ayala Land has also planted 42,057 new native trees as well as 68,901 more in our estates and real estate developments.

About the Asia CEO Awards

The Asia CEO Awards is possible through the tireless work of its board of judges. Their panel comprises some of the most recognized personalities in the Philippine business scene. Their esteemed panel of emeritus judges has credentials, backgrounds, and experience from all over the world, from Canada and France to Japan and South Korea.

Although the prestige and honor these coveted awards bring are certainly appreciated by Ayala Land’s hardworking employees and personnel, they serve not just to elevate our efforts but to highlight our commitment to you, our stakeholders.

Our determination to provide current and future generations with comfortable and engaging communities has helped us accomplished all of this. And we intend to do more in the years to come.

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