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A Life of Comfort in a Masterplanned Community

masterplanned community

Metro Manila is left with fewer and fewer opportunities for work and leisure in one area. As daily traffic worsens with an increasing number of cars passing through major roads, the congestion crisis in key urban locations is bound to continue.

The untenable situation has pushed private firms, including Ayala Land, Inc., to take the lead in developing master-planned communities across the Philippines.

The Rise of Masterplanned Developments

A master-planned community is any town that was carefully planned from inception to construction. It seamlessly merges recreational amenities, residential properties, and office and commercial spaces in one location. Residents and future generations have access to places and spaces that gives them the desired work-life balance.

These estates deliver specific offers. For example, Arca South is positioned to serve as the Southern gateway to the country’s capital; Vertis North is being groomed as the new central business district (CBD) in Northern Metro Manila, and Makati Circuit is poised to become the next entertainment hub.

Master-planned developments in the Philippines also bear advantages on a national scale by helping decongest Metro Manila and creating multiple economic hubs.

Capitalize on the Metro Fringe

Most private developers, including Ayala Land, have started building these developments on the outskirts of the metropolis. Home shoppers now have the chance to experience the life offered by integrated communities in Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, Bulacan, and Cebu.

From a residential standpoint, these locations are strategic places to put down roots. You’ll have the chance to enjoy a quiet, idyllic life in the suburbs with scenic views. But you’ll also be close enough to urban centers, so you can still benefit from the city’s employment opportunities.

From an economic standpoint, the goal is not only to move people out of the metro but to create more hubs of commerce and business. More hubs mean a stronger push for economic development and progress.

These progressive developments succeed in decongesting Metro Manila because of the attractive features they offer. Master-planned communities provide bountiful benefits for the residents, helping them achieve a desirable work-life balance.

Holistic Lifestyle

Integrated communities provide the three crucial factors you look for in a neighborhood: convenience, accessibility, and exclusivity.

These masterplanned developments feature upscale amenities and facilities, vast green spaces, energy-efficient structures, and stable infrastructures.

Because of the well-designed fusion of lifestyle amenities, all of your necessities are right at your doorstep. Many master-planned communities are adjacent to malls, commercial hubs, and office spaces. This proximity saves you the trouble of wasting precious time in traffic just to get to your destination.

For instance, Nuvali eco-city is a 2,290-hectare estate designed with multiple retail and office spaces, two BPO buildings, two schools, a wildlife sanctuary, several recreational attractions, and commercial shopping centers. The innovative mix of facilities ensures you can fulfill your basic and recreational needs in one setting. As an eco-city, Nuvali features abundant open spaces as well, giving you opportunities for outdoor activities on your own or with the family.

Another key characteristic of master-planned developments is pedestrian mobility and transit connectivity.

Walkability and Transit Connectivity

The increasing number of private cars on the road is a major contributor to congestion in the cities. As such, many integrated developments are designed to encourage residents to use the mass transport system or to walk when possible.

Wide, safe walkways are a sign of walkability in a district, which is a fierce campaign in Makati CBD. People get around the city rain or shine via covered footbridges, underpasses, and elevated walkways. The over one-kilometer walk from Greenbelt to Makati Medical Center becomes a breeze, thanks to these pedestrian-friendly infrastructures. This network of interconnected walkways is also a boon for the health-conscious.

Ayala Land also provides commuters with a reliable and safe alternative to public transport systems. The point-to-point or P2P bus service follows fixed schedules and travels no-stop routes from the terminal to the drop-off point. This system gives you shorter travel times and a more pleasant commuting experience. Currently, there are 56 P2P stations, so more riders can enjoy this convenient travel option to more destinations.

Suburban master-planned developments are also highly accessible, whether you’re going to or from the city. Most of these properties are mere minutes away from major thoroughfares, such as C5, Skyway, SLEX, and more.

Invest in Master-Planned Developments

These three key features make integrated communities a smart investment. Also, given all the conveniences and comforts provided by these properties, their resale value may be higher than those in non-master-planned communities.

Masterplanned communities reflect our goal to elevate land use to enrich people’s lives. These developments help you make the most out of the land you own and the location you’ll call home.

Call us today for information about our master-planned developments, the setting of your future home, office, and favorite hangout spot.