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Sep 27, 2020

Lessons on bayanihan amid the pandemic

The past six months may have forced people apart physically, but the spirit of bayanihan has remained intact and stronger than ever. This could be seen in neighbors asking after each other’s wellbeing; in random passersby giving food or spare change to the homeless; or in ensuring that healthcare workers have the support they need to continue caring for those in need.

At Avida Village North Point in Negros Occidental, homeowners have done their best to help stranded construction workers, security guards, and other workers despite their own financial problems during these trying times.

Avida Village North Point resident Tina Matti Girado shared how they were encouraged to reach out to those who needed help most in their community.

“Seeing them happy with even a little help that we gave was really heart-warming. It was also an act of gratitude to them for doing their part well in our community,” Tina recalled.

The changes brought about by the pandemic made Tina realize how she should be proactive not just for herself but also for others. Knowing that the COVID-19 could affect anyone, she noted how no one is truly self-sufficient, and how one must rely on others to survive.

“I realized that status, color, religion or race in life is nothing with this invisible enemy…We should do our part and be each other’s keeper. Eventually, whatever good we do will benefit many and will actually come back to us, when we least expect it,” Tina said.

Tina herself has experienced some hardships over the last few months of lockdown. As a freelance online English-as-a-second-language instructor, she has always been used to the work from home arrangement. However, she had to adjust when her daughter started online classes as well. This meant handling fewer classes at daytime so she can help her daughter with her online learning needs.

“I think achieving work-life balance is all about determining your priorities and setting goals. In this pandemic, our health should really be our top priority because both our work life and personal life will suffer if we are not in good shape emotionally, mentally and physically,” Tina advised.

Being in a peaceful community helped Tina adjust better to the pandemic, as she knew that everything was well within her reach. Living in Avida Village North Point, Tina benefited from being surrounded by several commercial establishments like The District Mall, Gaisano City Mall, and SM City Bacolod. Avida Village North Point is located inside North Point, Ayala Land Inc.’s first mixed-use estate in Negros Occidental. The 215-hectare development seeks to provide residents with a balanced work-life with its various residential offerings and PEZA-registered commercial establishments.

“Living in this peaceful community is truly an advantage for the kind of job I have… Besides, our location has easy access to open areas and sprawling green spaces where we can run, ride a bicycle or jog to sustain our physical health and mental well-being despite adversities,” Tina shared.

“Now that we live here, [my husband] has peace of mind knowing that we are in a safe and secure community,” she added.

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