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May 08, 2015

Kitchen Layouts for Your Home

A kitchen is probably one of the top three essential rooms in any household, the other two being the bathroom and the bedroom. As such careful planning is important if you are to maximize space and determine what items to include to meet the basic functionalities of your kitchen.

There are several types of kitchen layouts. Each has its own merits, with each being the optimal arrangement of a specific housing type. Convenience, organization and versatile space management are key components to consider when choosing a specific kitchen layout, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, whatever layout you choose, be aware of the “kitchen triangle” namely the placement of your stove, sink and refrigerator in a triangular formation so as to maximize your kitchen’s functionality.

1.) The U-shape is probably the most common kitchen layout for medium-to-large households, as it provides for the most storage and countertop space. The U-shape basically covers three sides your kitchen, with one side open, often leading to the dining room. U-shape kitchens require a lot of space, and typically have an island countertop with seating.

2.) In and Out. This kitchen layout has 2 entryways and exits, usually on opposite ends of the kitchen. This layout is best for small spaces with high traffic. With this setup, the ranges, sinks and refrigerators are usually placed on opposite walls to maximize kitchen usability.

3.) Corner kitchen. This layout is typically seen in single room or studio condominiums, as it requires very little space. It is also combines a small dining area (a four-seater usually), which also serves as the stage for ingredients preparation. The sink and gas range are often placed on one side, with the refrigerator on the other side.

4.) Corral. This layout is best used for people who prefer having plenty of preparation areas and storage places, as this layout offers plenty of countertop and cabinet placements. It maximizes three walls of your kitchen- with cabinets/ cupboards lining each one, usually on a high area. The kitchen triangle can be executed to great effect here, usually with the sink in the middle, and the refrigerator and gas ranges on opposite sides. A dinette is also a considerable option, usually placed in the middle.

It’s not really that difficult to determine which layouts to use. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the different set-ups work well with different space allotments and house structures. With just a little organization and some creative material selection, your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be too far out of reach.

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