Finance Analyst

Job Summary:

The Finance Analyst is responsible for the preparation, consolidation and analysis of financial statements to be submitted to the SBU CFO for further review, analysis and consolidation for reports. He assists in the preparation of the budgets (i.e. of SBUS, etc) to be subsequently used as performance measurement tools. The Finance Analyst also performs various finance and accounting functions for his assigned area/group/unit.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Monthly closing of books in SAP for Revenue, Cost of Sales, Inventory and Trade Payable Deposits
  2. Monthly settlement of Project Cost to Reserve
  3. Release of Project’s budget to proceed with payment processing based on IC Approval
  4. Ensure project spending is within the approved budget/limit
  5. Prepare monthly financial statements which includes Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and schedules (eg. Booking and Reservation, AR collection, contingent Liability)
  6. Analyze actual financial performance in comparison with last year and current year’s forecast/budget
  7. Prepare reports for C&A and IRU (eg. Payterms, sales take-up, etc)
  8. Consolidate and analyze the 5-year financial plan which includes operating statistics
  9. Prepare financial and operating statistics forecast if necessary
  10. Coordinate with project team re project cost, project savings, SBAR, actual and target completion rates
  11. Upload the full year DOE and P&L budget in SAP
  12. Participation in Project Enterprise Team to discuss concerns on project from time to time
  13. Assists SGV on the schedules for the interim and year-end audit


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