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Sep 07, 2015

From beneficiaries to partners

Apart from constant breakthroughs in masterplanning communities, Ayala Land never ceases to discover ways to continuously enhance land and enrich lives for more people through the integration of sustainability, focusing on site resilience, eco-efficiency, pedestrian and transit connectivity, and local employment, in its developments.

At Nuvali, one of Ayala Land’s established estates that have become vibrant growth centers, and the country’s first and largest eco-city development, these sustainability focus areas are nurtured, with high importance given to local employment as Ayala Land aims to spur local economy in areas where its projects are located.

To date, 80-90 percent of the workforce at Nuvali is made up of residents from neighbor communities and other nearby barangays and municipalities. Moreover, Ayala Land incessantly supports its thriving partner communities namely Sikap Buhay Multi-purpose Cooperative and Pag-asa Vesta Producers Cooperative under its Alay sa Komunidad program.

Sikap Buhay and Pag-asa Vesta were established in 2010. What started out as a typical “sari-sari” store that used to sell small food packs to construction workers and as a small pavers-making business are now Ayala Land’s primary food service provider and pavers supplier at Nuvali.

The members of these two cooperatives are the families who were successfully relocated by Ayala Land when it began to develop Nuvali. While they used to be beneficiaries who were provided with initial capital and necessary trainings, they are now considered by Ayala Land as partner communities.

“It is very fulfilling to see them grow. Before, the food products of Sikap Buhay were wrapped in plastic bags, now these have better packaging. Sikap Buhay already has its multi-purpose center and is now into catering services. It is also currently a distributor of Pepsi products. Similarly, Pag-asa Vesta used to supply pavers for small portions only, now it is our primary source of pavers for the whole of Nuvali. It has procured additional mortar mixers and molders, a multi-cab and a delivery truck. It has also ventured into food service and has started making woven products,” said Ayala Land Community Relations Manager Joy Sanciangco. “Both are already duly registered cooperatives. They comply with government mandated requirements, their products pass quality control, and they release annual financial statements,” she added.

The capability of Sikap Buhay and Pag-asa Vesta to operate on their own has increased Ayala Land’s confidence to support and patronize them even more. Sikap Buhay has become the food service provider for Ayala Land’s various events outside of Nuvali. Since the cooperatives have become stable and have been earning dividends, Ayala Land has expressed its continued support by providing them linkages and partnerships through recommendations to its numerous business units, subsidiaries, and business partners.

Ayala Land’s notion of sustainability through local employment goes beyond providing financial assistance to its partner communities. It teaches them to become responsible and independent service providers and business partners by establishing a strict “client-supplier” relationship. “We want them to learn the ins and outs so they can explore other clients in the future. We do not limit them to ourselves and we allow them to move forward on their own,” said Sanciangco.

The members of Pag-asa Vesta Producers Cooperative while making pavers for Nuvali.

Pag-asa Vesta’s pavers pass the quality control required by Ayala Land.

Sikap Buhay’s multi-cab used for distributing Pepsi products and delivering food packs to their customers.

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