With over a century of envisioning, building, and developing masterplanned, mixed-use, and sustainable communities, Ayala Land’s rich history and illustrious reputation remain unparalleled in the country. It leads the industry in raising the standard of commitment to innovation and value appreciation. It stands for pioneering vision. It stands for trailblazing quality. 

Ayala Land recognizes that the value of land lies in how it can be sustained and enriched for future generations to enjoy, through: dramatic transformations that shape raw land into lasting, mixed-use communities, sustainable progress that boldly pioneers new concepts while preserving the environment, and quality developments that create quality moments, embodying the company’s thrust of “Enhancing land, enriching lives for more people”

Latest News
Makati is home to modern and contemporary art in Art Fair Philippines 2017
February 8, 2017
Through the hustle and bustle city of Makati, there lies a haven for the culture and the arts. Every corner, there’s art to be found, from the brilliantly structured buildings that are home to the Philippines’ biggest companies, to its parks, museums, galleries and malls—truly a ground that breathes and radiates art in all its […]
BGC Arts Center Festival: Revealing facets of modern Filipino performance artistry
January 12, 2017
Firing off a passionate start for 2017, the BGC Arts Center will celebrate its identity as the home of the Filipino artist. True to its word, it will launch a two-day Arts Festival on January 14-15, hosting performances and events that will illuminate the many layers that modern Filipino artists are animating to give voice […]