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Our estates serve as a platform for our diverse residential and commercial offerings on which thriving, sustainable communities emerge, spurring new centers of growth across the country.

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Promoting catalysts for progress and sustainability

Estates as centers of dynamic communities

Our masterplanned estates are beyond places to work and live in. We design them to help you and your community realize your full potential. Each estate combines quality residences with commercial properties to stimulate local economic growth.

We aim to provide environmentally sustainable communities that will nurture even future generations. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we integrate green spaces into every estate, surrounding people with the calming influence of nature.

Our estates foster development throughout the Philippines.

Explore our masterplanned sustainable estates and take part in our goal to become an active partner in nation-building.

Reaching more Filipinos through our estates

mixed-use estates

Growth centers across the country

Hectares in our land bank

Achieving your life goals in our estates

Complementary offerings combined for quality experiences

Our estates own a distinct character that reflects the vision of Ayala Land to grow communities that will flourish for many generations.

Reaching areas with potential for growth

We are present in 57 growth centers around the country, ensuring that we cater to a broad population and that we address the various needs of the community where our estates are located. Accessibility from major highways, thoroughfares, and transport hubs, is a top priority to make certain that our communities offer the most optimum environment for people to live and work.

Creating long-term value for the community

Offering today’s modern conveniences, our estates are complete with residences, workspaces, shopping centers and leisure developments which provide value appreciation and long-term benefits for the community. Transport terminals and stops in interconnected networks are implemented for a seamless commute, which are supported by streets and walkways that increase pedestrian mobility.

Setting up the stage for vibrant lifestyles

Ayala Land gives a location a sense of place and a unique purpose, as we build our estates with people in mind. We focus on integrating arts and culture into each estate which serve as the soul of our developments and turns them into a place people can call home.

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