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Apr 03, 2017

Dia del Libro is back at Ayala Triangle Gardens

In time for the celebration of the International Book Day or Dia Del Libro, a book event organized by Instituto Cervantes and the cultural arm of Embassy of Spain will be held at Ayala Triangle Gardens on April 22.

As in the previous years, Día del Libro will feature top bookstores and publishing houses that will be selling a wide array of books at a 20% discount. Following the tradition in Spain, every book purchase would entitle one to a free rose.

Apart from the book market, visitors will also be treated to poetry recitals, dance performances, plays, concerts, as well as activities for the children, which Ayala Land through Make it Makati, fully supports.

“As the developer of Makati, we strive to build spaces that allow people to explore, recharge, reconnect with themselves and with others. Dia del Libro is very much aligned with what we’re about as a real estate developer. We have a long history of celebrating community, highlighting arts & culture, and really having a vision of helping to improve people’s lives through developing land, “ Cathy Bengzon, Ayala Land’s Head of Corporate Brand Marketing, said at the briefing held on March 30, 2017.

One of the main features of the day will be the inauguration of the exhibit The Prado Museum in Manila, co-presented The Prado Museum. Displaying more than 50 life-size reproductions of masterpieces from The Prado Museum in Madrid, this exhibit represents a unique opportunity for passers-by to experience a face-to-face encounter with works of some of the great masters from the 12th to the 19th centuries in the form of high-definition photographic prints.

Perspective of the Prado Museum traveling exhibit, which makes its last stop in the Philippines during the Dia del Libro. The exhibit’s modular design is inspired by the Madrid Museum’s vaulted barrel corridors. Some 50 life-sized reproductions of the great masters will be exhibited in the park.

After its great reception by Makati citizens in 2016, the Pop-up Library “The Book Stop” comes back to Ayala Triangle. The project, designed by WTA Architecture & Design Studio, is a non-profit library for the entire community, where visitors can interact in lively discussions with fellow readers and share their love of books, borrow volumes free and exchange books. The goal here is reinvention – reinvigorating and re-establishing the library in Filipino society.

Dia del Libro Pop-Up Library 2016 at Ayala Triangle Gardens

First introduced in Manila by Instituto Cervantes in 2006, the tradition of Día del Libro began in Barcelona, Spain. To the present, the tradition is commemorated on St. George’s Day (23 April), during which men and women exchange roses and books. This date also honors the deaths of two of history’s greatest writers – Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare – who coincidentally died on the same day, April 23, 1616. These significant occurrences prompted the UNESCO to declare, in 1995, April 23 as “World Book and Copyright Day” to instill the love of reading among the young and to promote respect for the rights of authors over their literary and artistic works. April is also the birth month of classic Filipino poet Francisco Balagtas, and to honor him the NCCA declared April the National Literature Month.

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