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Oct 27, 2020

Balancing time for things that matter

Family has always been top priority for Johann Ramirez.

Living in Subic with his family and now working as General Manager at the Alviera Country Club in Pampanga, Johann shares why valuing his career has always been attached to his belief that “family mattered the most.”

“Value and appreciate the work that you have as the main goal is always to be able to provide for your family,” says Johann, reflecting on how the pandemic has echoed the value of career for one’s family.

When the lockdown happened, Johann had to take his job home and carry out his responsibilities as general manager at Alviera Country Club remotely. Adjusting to a new work set up at home during the quarantine period, Johann realized the challenge of balancing responsibilities. He eventually established a new and efficient routine to deliver well at work as he balances this with his responsibilities as a father and a family man. For Johann, it is vital to prevent taking sufficient quality time away from his kids, who he shares are his source of joy and happiness.

“My life are my kids and playing with them gives me great joy and happiness,” Johann explains.

Thinking about the effects of the pandemic to people’s lives and daily routine, Johann fathomed about how people are now realizing that the value of time was often taken for granted. He felt that keeping good relationships with people that matter the most also meant taking time to reach out to them and building on better relationships beyond social media.

But beyond just time for family, Johann thought that achieving balance also means keeping things in order and all essential things prioritized as he safeguards his family’s needs while dealing to survive the pandemic. For him, during this time, it is crucial to assess the needs versus the things that one can go without, expressing that what matters most is family – their health and their future.

“Always base your decision on how it will affect your family,” Johann said.

Many may have realized the complexity of balancing time and priorities when the pandemic happened. So as Johann remains grateful for being fortunate enough to properly manage his responsibility as the head of the family while providing for them, he never overlooked the significance of giving back to his community by doing what he loves most about his role – to remain as a good example by working hard and helping his team to be “better persons everyday.

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