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Dec 11, 2019

Ayala Land introduces mixed-use estate in Tarlac

Property titan Ayala Land Inc. recently introduced Cresendo, a 290-hectare mixed-use estate in Tarlac City that the company envisions to become the new downtown in Tarlac. The estate is suitably dubbed Cresendo as a destination on the rise. Moreover, ALI is positioning Cresendo as a center to employment, education, enterprise and a balanced way of life.

Located in Barangay Central near the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway and MacArthur Highway, Cresendo will be accessible through the Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway (TPLEx) and SCTEx, as well as future infrastructure project Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEx). Nearby landmarks include the Aquino Museum.

Artist’s perspective of River Terraces

“We are very excited for this new development because it is expected to usher in a new era of growth and progress, and we are glad that AyalaLand is one of our most valued partners in the realization of our development goals,” Tarlac City Mayor Maria Cristina Angeles said during the estate’s groundbreaking ceremony.

John Estacio, Cresendo estate head, said the residential communities would take up 59 percent of the estate, followed by the Cresendo Industrial Park (11 percent) and the commercial district (11 percent). About 31 percent of the whole estate will be allocated for open spaces.

Asked about the difference of Cresendo with other ALI estates, Estacio pointed out it is ALI’s third integrated, mixed-use estate north of Metro Manila, and their first estate in Tarlac.

“Cresendo will be developed into a modern local community that builds on many local components resembling a new población or bayan infused with modern conveniences and best practices from ALI’s expertise of developing large-scale sustainable estates,” Estacio explained.

Cresendo will have a 30-hectare urban core comprised of a 1.5-hectare central plaza, school, commercial center and a church.

“The urban core of Cresendo is master planned to put people first. It creates vibrant, safe and interesting walking paths around the community. One can peruse ground floor retail while walking around the neighborhood, or cross over to pocket parks and promenades, view public art and installations from the plaza, to the church, the market or the school,” Estacio said.

“Cresendo is uniquely designed to be modern, yet familiar to most Filipinos,” Estacio added.

ALI will be boosting entrepreneurship as the Cresendo central plaza will be a commercial district made up of commercial buildings ranging from 500 square meters to 2,000 sq m. The smaller commercial lots categorized as shophouses, are envisioned to give rise to homegrown enterprises and inspire entrepreneurship. Business owners or employees can live right above their stores, service shops, training centers or processing centers. Opportunities to grow small, medium and large businesses will abound in the district.

A 1.5-kilometer greenway leads from the central plaza all the way to the 7-hectare River Terraces near the residential areas. With dedicated pedestrian lanes and bike lanes, it will seamlessly connect the estate’s active urban core to the quieter, residential living zones. Roads will be lined with trees endemic to the area. Three-meter wide sidewalks and arcaded walkways will all be part of the estate’s pedestrian-friendly design. Pocket parks and pedestrian promenades will be engaging and easily accessible for estate residents and visitors.

The Cresendo River Terraces will function as a community convergence point with its landscaped gardens, jogging paths and viewing deck. It will also serve as the estate’s detention pond.

Don Bosco Technical Institute will open a senior high school in Cresendo, followed by its Technical Vocational Education and Training Center. The institution will be the first-of-its-kind in Tarlac, accommodating about 5,000 students. It will equip graduates with the technical proficiency and specialized skill set that will be required in the industrial park and the commercial developments within and around the estate.

Don Bosco will eventually be offering all K to 12 levels, to cater to the families residing in Cresendo and in nearby communities.

ALI residential brand Avida Land will be the first to build residential villages on the estate. Residents will benefit from their neighborhood’s proximity to the River Terraces where they can enjoy relaxing leisure activities. Avida’s midrange house and lot offerings are expected to attract home buyers from Tarlac, Metro Manila and abroad, especially those with roots in the province.

Phase 1 of Cresendo will include the completion of the church and opening of the school, the development of its first residential community, a transport terminal and an industrial park.

Once completed, the 32-hectare Cresendo Industrial Park (CIP) will provide employment opportunities in the area. CIP will have various lot sizes ranging from 1,200 sq m to 10,000 sq m for sale at P6,000 to P9,000 per sq m. This will be open to locators in light to medium, nonpolluting industries by 2022. In full swing, the industrial park is expected to generate approximately 2,000 jobs.

For greater mobility and accessibility, Cresendo will have a privately managed transport system, ensuring high accessibility and traffic efficiency throughout the estate.

“Based on ALI’s long experience in developing integrated, mixed-use estates, Cresendo will create an environment that will help drive opportunities for education, employment and enterprise in this area. It’s an exciting prospect for nearby communities and provinces, and for anyone who has called Tarlac their hometown,” said Estacio. “We aim to incorporate community convergence spaces, innovation and inclusion in our development here in Cresendo.”

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